Friday, September 21, 2007

A Blackwater and US Government gift to Americans

Dear Friends, As Salaam Alaikum, (Peace be upon you)

Blackwater continues to live up to its reputation for aggressive and 'outside of the law' behavior in the killing of over 20 Iraqis while providing security services for US diplomats in Iraq.

The Maliki-governemnt has pulled its license to operate but Blackwater continues to operate with impunity.

The US government's decision to hire private firms for essential military-type security services protected by the immunity from prosection granted by proconsul Paul Bremer to private foreign contractors is at the root of this injustice.

There are no rules to constrain Blackwater operations in Iraq. Their aggressiveness will give rise to another generation of people with hate for Americans. And the vicious cycle will continue.

This is the gift of our government's folly in Iraq; and the sad result of our silence in the face of this madness!

Iftekhar Hussain